Weight loss: How Susanna Reid lost stone in less than two weeks?

Susnnas's weight loss

Nobody wants to reveal his or her secrete if he/she gets good success in any field, but here the famous host of Good Morning Britain,  Susanna Reid has revealed a trick about her fast weight loss. She told people that how she lost 14 lbs in just two weeks. Are you willing to know the secrete of Pierce Morgan’s Good Morning? The Diet Plan She revealed.

Source: Express.co.uk

Susanna Reids’s weight loss has impressed the commentators of ITV presenters shrinking frame.

The Good Morning Britain presenter describes that how she has lost 14 lbs.

It’s all happened because she left just drink.

Susanna Reid who is now 53 years old had stopped drinking for September.

But it was Piers Morgan who told people that Susanna had lost weight.

According to him “We’ve got a reaction to Susanna’s revelation that she is on a dry September.

“Judy in Richmond says Susanna Reid looks like she’s lost four pounds.

“It’s actually 12 pounds since she stopped drinking.”

After this news, Susanna opened her mouth and revealed that she actually lost a total of 14 pounds.

On a question of Piers his co-star: “how much have you lost now?”

She answered “a stone.”

Further, she describes that she was using an app to maintain her weight for September.

She told that she started this diet plan from August 26. In her tweet, she wrote: “It’s called NOMO (no more hangovers).”

Can you lose weight while snacking?

The top nutritionist Liam Mahoney from sports nutrition brand describes that how you can snack smarter and carry on snacking.

According to Liam, “The thing to do is take a step back from what you are doing and think whether you are actually hungry or you are just eating more because it is there, you will find that it is more often the latter. Try to work on your mindset and your snacking habits will thank you.”

One of the best weight loss drink which people are using for many years is apple cider vinegar.

According to one study, daily uses of one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar can help dieter’s weight loss.

Moreover. If you are using apple cider vinegar while taking care of your diet then you can lose double weight than those people who don’t take this drink.

Susanna's weight loss method

According to one study performed on overweight or obese people, they lost double the amount of weight within a three months period.

Scientists found this drink helped to decrease the appetite, lose weight and cause dieters to lose inches.

If you are fat and overweight then don’ worry and follow the Sussana’s weight loss method. Now she is happy and suggests people follow her method of weight loss.

Share Susanna’s weight loss method with your family and friends who are the victim of overweight.

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